Friday Funnies: Red Ink

Peanuts 1While we tend to think negatively of red ink on a paper, this kind of feedback is one of the best ways to improve your writing. Our motto this semester, “Beyond One and Done,” emphasizes the editing process as essential to quality writing. Like Snoopy, most of us aren’t able to sit down and write a literary masterpiece in one session. Good writing is usually a product of good editing. There are many different ways to edit a paper; you can edit while you write and edit once a draft is complete. You can edit on screen, or you can print a copy and break out the traditional red pen to mark comments and changes. Editing can be done on both micro and macro levels, as well. On the micro level, look for ways to fix typos and grammatical errors, tweak word choice, and improve sentence structure. On the macro level, look for things like overall clarity, paragraph cohesion, and the organization of ideas. Don’t be afraid to move, cut, or change a section of your paper that isn’t working!

The FIU Writing in History program can help you with all stages of the editing and revision process. Schedule an appointment with a writing tutor on our website.

Don’t fear a little red ink,
-Paul Burkart


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