Friday Funnies: Grammar

Pearls Before Swine 3While Pig is making some obvious (and easily fixable) mistakes, utilizing proper grammar in the English language can often be a difficult task. Good grammar is important, though, because it makes your writing flow better and helps to communicate your ideas more effectively to your readers. Modern word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, contain grammar check software that automatically reviews your writing for spelling, punctuation, and usage errors. While these tools can be useful, they cannot replace the need for human editing. You can often catch things that the machine will not.

In previous blog entries, we’ve covered using commas, the proper way to include numbers and dates in history papers, and common grammatical mistakes that can be avoided. If you’re still having trouble finding the correct way to word things, or if you’re not sure if your commas and periods are in the right places, then the Writing in History tutors can help! The tutors are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, in DM 397. Please visit our website to make an appointment.

Keep writing,

-Paul Burkart

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