March History Journal Club Annoucement

Catawba Map

Map of the Several Nations of Indians to the Northwest of South Carolina, ca. 1721


The next meeting of the History Journal Club will be held on Wednesday, March 9 at 2 pm in DM 370.  For the March meeting, we will focus on finding and interpreting primary sources beyond written documents.  For example, maps, archaeological data, and oral histories add much to historical study.  To help us springboard into that discussion, the March article is Ian Chambers, “A Cherokee Origin for the ‘Catawba’ Deerskin Map (c. 1721).”  Chambers uses a variety of contextual clues to argue that a Cherokee individual, rather than a Catawba, drew the above map.  Such contemporary maps, drawn by both Native Americans and Europeans in the Americas, are full of historical significance and can be used to bolster or challenge conclusions from written documents.


Best, Dr. Ferdinando


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