Friday Funnies: A Less Frustrating Writing Process?

History Tutoring-Writing Cartoon

Writing is a very frustrating process for many students. The writing process has a lot of ups and downs, as we see in this cartoon, and as we see in the Writing in History’s motto, “Beyond One and Done.” For most people who want to do well with their academic work, writing out a paper and handing it in will not be enough. One of the many benefits of the FIU Writing in History program is to help avoid a good deal of frustration that occurs during writing. While the tutors might not be able to help with avoiding the feeling after grades that more needs to be done, the tutors are here to help with avoiding pitfalls and addressing difficulties when writing a paper. Visiting with a tutor is an ideal opportunity for discussing ideas, getting an opinion on a thesis, and many other topics. Schedule an appointment as soon as you are able, and let us all work toward more of those, “I rock” moments in writing.

Keep writing,

Jason Daniel



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