Friday Funnies: Revisions

PhD Comic Final

The spring 2016 Writing in History motto is “Beyond One and Done.”  Far too often, we treat our first finished draft as our one “final” draft.  Rather, we should treat that first “final” draft as nothing but a pencil sketch, showing the lines and contours of our work.  Put that draft aside for a few days.  Come back to it, read through it again, and make edits that add a wisp of color between those lines.  Then, after feedback from friends, colleagues, tutors, and the professor’s dreaded red pen, make more edits and thus add splashes of paint.  Finally, after reading over the paper again, do not forgot to run spellcheck one last time.  You would be surprised how many papers are turned in with spelling and grammar errors that spellcheck will catch.

Do you want help with coloring in the lines of your paper?  You can make an appointment with a Writing in History tutor.  They are available Monday through Friday, usually 9am to 5pm.  Learn more and make an appointment on our website.

Best, Dr. Ferdinando



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